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Thursday, December 10th, 2020

One visit to The Kraken and you're family, returning for more engaging stories, friendly porch banter, and stellar live music performances. Wonders never cease at this heart of an extremely talented and diverse community.

Nicknamed the "church with beer", this humble roadhouse music venue reflects the passionate loyalty of its parishioners - a mission to support the artists, musicians, writers and everyday folks who inspire and edify our souls

Consistently voted one of the best local venues to see live music, The Kraken features country, blues, rockabilly, jazz, bluegrass, metal, indy, americana, punk, world and good ole rock and roll. All regular performances are FREE to attend! Bands have been consistently surprised and pleased by the combination of audience tips and bar payout versus the standard cover charge alternative; however, the times are much more lean due to Covid19. Please support your favorite venues and artists generously whether in person or via online funding links.

Pre-pandemic times featured huge tribute shows each year, epic Metalfest cook-outs, bikers talking shop each Tuesday along with a couple dozen Old-time stringband musicians jamming on the odd Tuesdays. Then there's the world-renowned Wednesday night Shake Sugaree Americana Residency with Jonathan Byrd and The Pickup Cowboys.

Until we launch our newly rebuilt website here, please visit our social media pages for updates, changes and improvements as we settle in through the Winter. Everyone's really come together to keep The Kraken going through the seven months of shut-down and subsequent limited reopening and it really speaks to our passion and character.

NEW YEAR UPDATE:   Hey y'all, we at The Kraken wish you a happy and healthy new year! We're temporarily closing the The Kraken again after Saturday, January 9th. As COVID numbers continue to spike, we must act proactively for the health of our friends and community.

The Kraken has stayed afloat solely thanks to all of your generous contributions. We cannot continue without your support, and we cannot express our gratitude enough to all of you who have helped us out during these dark times.

We've happily tossed 2020 overboard, but we're still in the middle of the ocean. We'll wait out the Winter and follow health and vaccination developments. We hope to invite you back to our great outdoor space sooner rather than later, and if we're really lucky, we'll end 2021 with something resembling normal.

There is some good news... after only five years, we have new Kraken T-shirts! Big thanks to Chip at the Merch for all his help with our T-shirt printing. In addition, we are down to just a handful of 2021 *Handymen of The Shake Sugaree* calendars which were put together by our lovely friends Jonathan Byrd and FJ Ventre. If you cannot make it over by January 9th, please email MERCH at TheKrakenBar.com and we'll arrange to get you some cool schwag!

Speaking of Jonathan, The Shake Sugaree Americana Residency is nigh upon three years of Kraken tradition. While circumstances demand smaller performances from Byrd's own nest, you can still stream some of the best music in the world each Wednesday at 7pm at https://youtube.com/jonathanbyrdmusic and https://facebook.com/jonathanbyrdmusic

With your love we'll stay afloat and get back to properly supporting our local artists and musicians who enrich our lives. Please continue to follow us on social media for the latest updates.

We appreciate y'all so much,

Jody and Kirk and The Kraken crew