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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

OFFICIAL: TOMORROW WE ARE KRAKENING IRL! Totally worthy of all-caps after seven months... Friday night, Jennifer Curtis and Dexter Romweber will entertain us outside - a perfect re-introduction to live music at The Kraken with two amazing local/international music icons. https://www.facebook.com/events/332564337825723/

Our decision to remain open after this weekend will depend entirely upon the responsibility ALL OF US DISPLAY. Seriously! Jonathan would even love to do a limited public Wednesday performance next. Read on for the deets, and please check back here.

A lot's changed in a short time and we're doing our best to do the right thing. We're re-opening The Kraken Thursday through Sundays from 2-11pm. Last call will be at 10pm and full compliance with pandemic guidelines is required: utilizing masks except when imbibing at your seats, distancing despite the temptation to gather closely, and washing and sanitizing hands regularly.

While open for business, only staff and performers will be permitted inside the bar, with the exception of bathroom access via the back door. Drinks will be served via our new window on the front porch where traffic patterns clearly marked in order to ensure safe distancing.

We're confident that we can rely upon all of you to help encourage best behavior and figure out how to make improvements. We'll have extra masks available, and we've set up extra hand-washing and sanitizing stations on our outdoor premises.

We're dedicated to providing a safe environment, and if we cannot do so during our initial weekend of re-opening we will feel morally required to close down until we're confident we can proceed safely.

If you feel like your rights are being curtailed, or that our policies reek of some political-ism, please remember that it's not all about you - it's about all of us. We all share a moral responsibility to aid and protect each other. We know The Kraken is much more than a business - we're a nexus, a landmark where folks from all walks of life are inspired by each other and the great music we create and share.

Please help us set a positive example for our community, state, country and planet. We sincerely hope to prove that bar and music venues and their patrons can act responsibly in the presence of alcohol outside of a restaurant.

Finally, we cannot begin to thank all of you enough for your contributions that have made it possible for us to maintain seven months of bills with zero sales. Our community is so amazing, like we live in a bubble that's in an alternate universe, and over the past two weeks we've had loads of people coming out to help work on solutions and projects to prepare The Kraken to serve all of you outside as responsibly as possible.

That said, we're pulling out all our pennies to reopen and restock, and The Kraken and all your favorite local venues and musicians still really need your love and generosity. Check out the links below, and stay tuned for our announcements as we start a new N.C. Phase 3 experiment. Y'all are ridiculously loyal, fun and lovable - you know that, right?

This really is paradise.

Jody and Kirk and The Kraken crew