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Friday November 27th - Krakenversary with Zen Frisbee, Blue Green Gods, Fontanelles

Tonight we're celebrating Jody and Kirk's first year anniversary at The Kraken!  Recover from your relatives and relive your troubled youth with the original Zen Frisbee trio which will morph into later expansions like a Dylan box set.  Make sure you come out early to see other Chapel Hill rock stars from the 80s through today:  The Fontanelles open at 8pm, followed by the Blue Green Gods and closing with that Frisbee collective!


Zen Frisbee

Tonight we are curiously honored to present Zen Frisbee in its various life-forms described in the 2000 Independent Weekly article (linked below) as "Original/Classic/Extra Crispy", and by Kevin Dixon in his own words below as "Original Recipe/Dull-Somber-Pretencious".  Fried chicken is on.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Did you know that Zen Frisbee, generally regarded as the best Chapel Hill band ever, got their start as a humble trio way back in the mid 80s?

Chuck Garrison, Kevin Dixon, and Brian Walker exhibited some of the spark that would define the latter version of the beloved band - the eclectic styles and exotic rhythms, and the undying energy and misguided passion.  The Original Recipe Zen Frisbee kept it spontaneous and fun, usually in 2 minutes or less.

The dull and somber artistic pretensions and delusions of grandeur were additions supplied by future members of the band, such as Laird and Evil Jack. Some say this makes the Zen Frisbee Trio an even better band than the unquestionably mega-talented Zen Frisbee Brava, purer, more pureed. Some say no- Original Recipe's songs are stupid, (Tobor, Baxter Jones) or boring. (Chicago, Headless Horseman) The more sophisticated Zen Frisbee Brava produced sacred orchestral visions of heaven (Rakeisha, Cruisin' with Randy Travis) and spiritually challenging pop masterpieces. (Crazy Steven, Count Chocula) The truth, as usual, rests somewhere else entirely. For while it is true that everybody has to start somewhere, with Zen Frisbee, once you start it might never end.





http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/talking-about-our-generation/Content?oid=1181385 (ZF history as of 2000)

http://www.scenemissingmagazine.com/?s=zen+frisbee (Spin Magazine interview excerpt with David Rees)




Blue Green Gods

There has never been, nor will likely be any links on the internets for The Blue Green Gods who rocked the local scene from 1989-93, and have returned a few rare times in 1999, 2013 at a great WXDU show at The Duke Coffeehouse, and most recently a 2015 warm-up gig at The Kraken under their alias, "The Former Action Figures" opening for Pipe with The Fontanelles for Jody's big 4-0 party.  They've still got it!

The little bits of information online referencing The Blue Green Gods comes from the early days of internet websites, before blogs and social media. The few links you can find include them in lists of favorite bands and mentions of Jettison Records and Kraptone Studios.  There are some references to shared bands that have come and gone over the years.  You also find rave reviews of amazing 45's and LPs and CDs over the years, often posted by folks who have no clue as to their history.

Anne Gomez on bass and vox:  Other bands include Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix, Cantwell, the Biteys, Fukanzen, Hotel Motel & Cantwell Gomez & Jordan (i'm sure there are some i've missed in there- there is a band with Wendy Spitzer & Shannon Morrow that i can't remember the name of)


Christie Eames on drums:  Other bands include Orifice, Starletta, Bucks Deluxe & Felice Gomez (and a yet unnamed new project)

Todd Goss on guitar:  Other bands include Scuppernong, Fukanzen, the Broken Arrows, & the Alt.

Todd and Anne (and Chris) also ran Jettison Records.



Ross Grady provides a link on his wonderful TriangleRock.com site!





The Fontanelles

They describe their music as a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.  We describe them as fantastic.  After playing in local bands dating back to 1980s, this quartet came together almost two years ago to create The Fontanelles.



Sonar Strange: vox and percussion  (Safehouse, Neil Diamond All-Stars, Twilighter and Fantastico!)

Matt Paul: guitar (Orange Driver and Marsha)

Juff Umbarger: bass  (Psycho-Acoustics R&D, Marsha and POW POW POW)

Norm Underwood: drums  (UV Prom, Leap of Faith, Orange Driver and Fantastico!)









$Free, Please tip your bands and bartenders generously!




Saturday November 28th - Triple Fret with very special guests Danny Gotham, Rebecca Newton and Mike Sokolowski

Recover From the Relatives with Triple Fret and great friends, and give thanks for great music!  We're so honored and thankful to have these amazing musicians share our humble stage to celebrate a most excellent Anniversay, Holiday and Birthday week!!!



Come on by and shake off that shouting match you had with your crazy uncle Jack at Thanksgiving dinner with a few beverages and some rockin sounds! Triple Fret will be here for a special night of music, featuring some of the finest musicians in the region. They’ll be covering the gamut of sounds ranging from Afropop to psychedelia to rootsy funk from New Orleans. They may even cover a rock classic or two!


The core Triple Fet trio of Mike Babyak, E. Scott Warren, and Mike Rosado will joined by very special guests Danny Gotham, Rebecca Newton, and Mike Sokolowski.


Danny has long been recognized as a genuine guitar great--a bona fide “guitarist’s guitarist.” Since placing 2nd in the National Fingerpicking Championship early in his career, he’s built a long resume that includes the release of 10 solo albums and collaborations with Peter Ostroushko, Tom Paxton, and Maura O'Connell. http://www.dannygotham.com/


Triangle residents will be quite familiar with Rebecca.  The word “icon” may be overused at times, but in this case it fits--she’s been the leader of "Rebecca and the Hi-Tones," a Triangle favorite for over 30 years. Rebecca’s musical accomplishments also include being commissioned to write music for NPR's "All Things Considered" and a continuing collaboration with Jim Watson of the original Red Clay Ramblers. “Icon” works just fine here. http://www.reverbnation.com/rebeccanewtonhttp://www.newsobserver.com/entertainment/music-news-reviews/on-the-beat-blog/article10335947.html


And last but not least by far, Michael Sokolowski is making the trip down from Charlottesville, Va., where he is a well-known figure in the jazz and rock scene. An accomplished jazz and classical keyboardist, Michael has recorded and collaborated with members of the Dave Matthews band, including Leroi Moore, Tim Reynolds, and Dave himself, as well as with Bay Area psychedelic hero Steve Kimock, to name a few. (Sokolowski trivia: Michael is the nephew of Spanish classical composer Joaquin Rodrigo). http://www.sokoband.com/


This ought to be a good one! Hell, bring you uncle Jack, too!



Triple Fret

Mike Babyak's Triple Fret is an electric ensemble from Durham, North Carolina featuring Mike Babyak on lap steel and electric guitars, along with a rotating lineup of great instrumentalists, including E. Scott Warren on bass and Mike Rosado on percussion. Also look for special guests like Scott Sawyer, Will McFarlane, Steve Kimock, Danny Gotham, Leo Kishore, or Hank Smith.

Triple Fret's repertoire includes original material that stretches over a wide range of genres, including Afropop, Latin, jazz, blues, and rock. We also cover the occasional more familiar rock material, including pieces by Zappa, Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, and many more. Lap steel guitar is a central feature of the act, and live performances emphasize improvisation.

Triple Fret has been performing in the Triangle area for over ten years, appearing regularly at local clubs and regional festivals, and providing support for national touring acts.









$Free, please tip your bands and bartenders generously!




Tuesday December 1st - Old Time Stringband Jam

The Kraken is pleased to host an established group of Old Time String Band players on the first and third and occasional fifth Tuesdays of the month... you know, the odd ones.  The music starts promptly at 7pm and ends close to 10pm.


We've been blessed to host these wonderful musicians for several months now.  There are consistently 20-30 folks gathering to play, including occasional new folks joining in.  We're impressed at how many people rotate through the group from all over the country, sometimes just back from touring across the world reviving and celebrating the music's long lost roots.


Each week, more and more folks simply come out to witness their efforts to continue this historical tradition.


In addition to guitars, banjos, fiddles, and the like, there are also sticks, spoons, stand-up basses, and harmonicas being played... not to mention eventual clogging lessons that regularly occur in the background.




$Free... no cost to enjoy or join in with good neighbors and musicians



Friday December 4th - Orange County All-Stars with Doug Davis and the Solid Citizens

There is no official house band at The Kraken, but if there were, The Orange County All Stars are all members.  If we opened another Kraken in Winston Salem, Doug Davis and The Solid Citizens would be the house band there.  Get ready to roll, rock and dance!


Orange County All Stars

OCAS is a group of musicians who play in many different popular local bands... they're all friends the OC, that like mixing it up with random songs besides their own. It started as kind of a fill-in gig one night and they had such a blast they decided to do it again when they could. It gives them a chance to stretch out their cosmic rubber band.

The All Stars draw from a huge collection of original and inspired tunes, ranging from the Stones, Little Feat, Delbert McClinton, Procol Harum, Bo Diddly, Hayes Carll, Doors, John Hiatt, Albert Collins, or even George Jones... and that just scratches the surface.

The regular line-up consists of Pete Gamble and Lance White on guitars, Tim Smith on keyboards, Doug Guild on bass, and Larry Duckworth on drums. Other local All Star musicians join in to add dancing monkey wrenches to the mix.

They settled on the name Orange County All-Stars, because they're fashion sense is somewhat influenced by Converse All-Stars.





Doug Davis and the Solid Citizens

Doug Davis has been a fixture on the regional scene for many years, as a producer, sideman, a leader of the Triad community project, the Vagabond Saints' Society, and as an all-around musical instigator.  But his heart lies in his original music, which he performs solo, in small combos (often with violist and accomplice, Susan Terry), and with his own crack band, the Solid Citizens.  The Citizens feature husband-and-wife team, Lee and Susan Terry, on various stringed instruments; Ken Mohan on bass guitar; and Dan DesNoyers on drums.  Over the course of the last six years, the band has been honing its sound together, releasing its debut, Penny Brown Penny, in 2008.  Since then, they've set out to release a series of four six-song EP's.  The first two, 2012's A Pageant of Gold and 2014's The River Running Slowly, have been released, and the band is currently working on the third in the series.

Doug also performs and writes with Mt. Airy, NC, based roots-rock band, Mediocre Bad Guys, as well as with the rock-soul combo, Doug Davis & the Mystery Dates.  Doug has also performed with Chris Stamey, Sally Spring, Mark Kano, Artie Lamonica (the Shirts), Jerry Chapman, and many others.  His music has been featured in dozens of television shows and films, including "Saturday Night Live," "Dateline," "The Voice," and "Last Call With Carson Daly."








$Free, please tip your bands and bartenders generously!






Saturday December 5th - Twilighter with Bellflower

We're so happy to have such a great group of musicians and friends gather tonight for a special Kraken performance.  You haven't seen them until you've seen them here.



Chapel Hill's Twilighter is a great band of characters who play original music that has nothing to do with vampires or werewolves, though they can work the macabre at times. Their music brings the best of many genres - Rockish New Wave, Country-Soul, big-beat Rock and Roll and beautifully introspective sounds with male and female harmonies singing about life, love, the devil and God, drugs, the night Life and trying to find a ride.


Brandon Herndon - Guitars, vocals

Sonar Strange - Keyboards, vocals

Josh Sokal - Bass

Dave Perry - Drums

John Pardue - Guitar, backing vocals









I don’t know about the robots. As far as I can tell, Bellflower generates music manually. Whether acoustic or electric, the process is organic and as natural as can be found in a modern technological world.

Lead singer Natasha Wilson may be the prototype for the next generation of robotic vocalists. Her fluid yet powerful vocals would be hard to duplicate however, and appears to be beyond the current state of the art of robotics.

Band leader Franklin Bellflower donated his name to this project, over his own protests. Many years experience with a rootsy bluesy rock and roll matrix have perfected an earthy green guitar style that would certainly qualify for LEEDS Certification.

Chuck Morton plays keyboards by ear, but mostly he uses his fingers. With ten fingers available and 88 keys arrayed in traditional format, he lays down an old school rhythm that he has been doing for so long it came back into fashion. However the keyboard plays itself fairly well if you push the right buttons. Robotic progress continues.

Greg “Nuke” Bernucca holds down the bottom end playing bass as no robot would. His universal oneness suggests a soul no robot could possess.

Jeff Lindsay provides percussive thrust with emotion beyond robotic understanding. He exhibits a versatility and variety in rhythm, rhyme and reason beyond the programmatic controls of any Casio to date.

Bellflower gigs tend to grow organically and extemporaneously depending on who we see in the audience. Chapel Hill and Carrboro are so rich with talent who will willingly step up to a mic and do a thing. This is as it should be. Let’s see a robot do that!







$Free, please tip bands and bartenders generously!




Friday December 11th - Phatlynx with The Three Torches

Holy Moley, we are so psyched to have Phatlynx back, and just as psyched to finally have The Three Torches...  and on the same night!!!  The Torches bring the holy spirit of Tom Waits to begin the evening and Phatlynx  brings on the great Surfabilly of the 50s and 60s to dance out the night.



The Raleigh-Durham area's favorite pork obsessed Surfabilly band, Phatlynx (pronounced "FAT-links") was conceived as a one-off show/group to get as many people as could fit into Chapel Hill, NC's the Cave to play the song "Rumble" at the same time. That was such a good time, they kept going, playing more shows and adding more songs, some of which aren't by Link Wray but still have the same rockin', low-fi attitude.

The local superstar quartet of Crispy Bess on Guitar, Groves Willer on Bass, Robby Poore on Guitar, and Colonel Dave Perry on Drums will take you on a great ride in the style of Link Wray, The Champs, The Cherokees, The Frantics, The Ventures, The Coasters or any of that late 50s/early 60s music that's a blast to play and hear.








The Three Torches

Durham's Three Torches bring you scratchy junkyard Jazz and Latinesque transmissions as only Tom Waits and Nick Cave could dream of claiming as their own wicked love-child.  Visit their Reverbnation link and tell me I'm wrong.  I dare you.

In their own Waitsian words: "Somehow you find yourself aimlessly wandering along a dimly lit corridor.  You know you should be in bed. Something like a siren’s call sucks you along past vague shadows. Undulating like tentacles reverberating through the creaking floorboards, the deep bass thrum makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. A steady series of deliberate cracks, the pulse of life, gallops through you. Drawing closer to the door in the distance, a hand reaching out of its own accord, the swell of a theatre organ rises up and the rhythmic clanging sound of a guitar enfolds your senses.  A grave keening voice claims you. Junkyard jazz fashioned like newsprint letters cut out for a ransom note, a broken Latin-esque clamoring sounding off with sixty cycles of abandon. Music for films not yet made — there is no Egress."


Sean Murphy:  Guitar, vox

Steve Carter:  Drums

Dave Lines:  Bass

Greg Scronce:  Keys











$Free, please tip your bands and bartenders generously!




Saturday December 12th - D.S.F. Earth Corps and Butter

Get your groove on tonight with the fun and engaging double bill of D.S.F. Earth Corps and Butter.  We're going to start a bit early so both bands can bring it on.  D.S.F. starts the festivities and Butter will close it down with style.

D.S.F. jammed Chapel Hill throughout the 90s and beyond and it's a real treat to see them perform in their early stomping grounds these days.  They've adopted The Kraken as their home away from home and we welcome them back!  Butter continues the funky grooves with their first performance here in a while, if you don't count Thomas laying down some sick beats with Hotronix in November.



D.S.F. Earth Corps

D.S.F. Earth Corps came together in the early 90s, and has been writing and performing original music and throwing in some tasty covers when necessary.  They're musical and lyrical experimentation combined with a positive vibe and message make them a stand out band. D.S.F. has played clubs from the ocean to the mountains all over the southeastern United States, performing in front of thousands of people over the years. Musical influences include everything from Mountain Bluegrass to Island Grooves with Funky Rock in the middle. Their wild look and powerful rhythms always make them a fan favorite.

Guitarist and lead vocalist, Phillip Price, originally from Atlanta, has been singing, writing, and playing guitar since 1983. Attending Western Carolina University, Price met vocalist Jeff Johnson and percussionist Ned Percival and began forming the bond that holds D.S.F. tightly in the groove.

Price, Percival, and Johnson all moved to the Chapel Hill area in 1990 and quickly found a powerful caveman style drummer, Michael "Bam Bam" St.John. They knew right away that Bam Bam had the stones to lay down the thick and heavy grooves as well as the light and juicy ones. They got two for one with Bam Bam because he had been jammin’ with bassist Ronnie Reed, who fell right into the mix and anchored the whole thing down.

D.S.F. Earth Corps recorded two studio albums back in the day: "Petals and Spores" in 1992 and "Life, It’s A Wonderful Occasion" in 1994. They're still playing and writing together, and you can look for a new album sometime soon!










Butter brings on solid North Carolina funk.  Their live performance is purely electric and features sets of original and classic straight-up funk, soul and rock.  Experience The Gorgan, their guitar/keyboard hybrid that really twists it up tight.

These guys have played with or shared the stage with such artists as Suzanne Vega, Burning Spear, The Psychedelic Furs, Alex Chilton, Living Color, Cowboy Junkies, and Adrian Belew and cite influences including Lee Micheals, Big Organ Trio, and the BlackKeys.

They recently won Relix Magazine's Jam-Off song contest which resulted in coverage in the Apr/May issue, as well as Blurt Magazine's Best Kept Secret and are getting online airplay even as they work on their first official release.


Brad Newell - guitar and vox

Vattel Cherry - bass and vox

Thomas Montgomery - drums and vox



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAioHA0AVBk (Current lineup with backup singers)


http://www.reverbnation.com/butternc (Former lineup)





$Free, Please tip your bands and bartenders generously!





Tuesday December 15th - Old Time Stringband Jam

The Kraken is pleased to host an established group of Old Time String Band players on the first and third and occasional fifth Tuesdays of the month... you know, the odd ones.  The music starts promptly at 7pm and ends close to 10pm.


We've been blessed to host these wonderful musicians for several months now.  There are consistently 20-30 folks gathering to play, including occasional new folks joining in.  We're impressed at how many people rotate through the group from all over the country, sometimes just back from touring across the world reviving and celebrating the music's long lost roots.


Each week, more and more folks simply come out to witness their efforts to continue this historical tradition.


In addition to guitars, banjos, fiddles, and the like, there are also sticks, spoons, stand-up basses, and harmonicas being played... not to mention eventual clogging lessons that regularly occur in the background.




$Free... no cost to enjoy or join in with good neighbors and musicians



The Kraken online links and news!

There are a few other North American Krakens: a bar in California and one in Washington, a food truck in British Columbia, and a "gastropub" in South Carolina.  I think it's safe to say that we are the most storied of them all.  We do look forward to visiting each of them and rubbing tentacles.

There's a lot of news in advance of our upcoming Krakenversary.  Check it out!


Kraken November Update!


* We're celebrating our Krakenversary celebration on Friday, November 27th!  This night will be an explosive start to another month of spectacular bands.. A great Chapel Hill throwback night featuring the original Zen Frisbee trio with the Blue Green Gods and the Fontanelles.  It's gonna be a big time!


* The Kraken will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26th. Have a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving, everyone. We are so blessed with such a fine community of friends and family.


* Speaking of giving thanks, Lyndon wins the Kraken MVP for grating the parking lot. We'll be adding crush and run to be prepare for winter. We're considering closing off the highway entrance for safety and extra parking.


* Thanks to all of you for suggestions regarding our liquor supply. Look for fine new selections soon.


* Our draft beers from Haw River Farmhouse and Mystery Brewing are drawing great praise, and we're looking forward to some new selections from our local breweries. Also, there's going to be a new local brewery in White Cross. Stay tuned!


* Our new dart board is mounted and functional. We found some of the old darts while cleaning up the storeroom. We are working on improvements such as installing a scoreboard.


* Projector/screen and radio syncing for basketball games should be in action this week with movie nights and old school video game action following shortly afterwards.


* Musicians, look out for Open Mic nights to be revived on second Wednesdays with an awesome host!


* Finally, all of us at The Kraken are very excited to be hosting The Tokyo Rosenthal Program on Thursdays, starting early January 2016. There will be very special guests every week playing Americana, Roots, Blues, and Country music. The programs will be (pre) recorded live, and will be broadcast on WCHL and syndicated on stations around the country and world. The Kraken is gonna be on the radio, y'all!


Follow our schedule here and on our other online links.

Happy Holidays everyone, and hope to see you soon!!!




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