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Thursday March 9th - Ramblin' Fever DJ Sessions

Tonight, The Kraken is excited to host the tenth monthly installment of "Ramblin' Fever" Real DJ Sessions.  WUNC Music Meister, DJ Brian Burns sets the scene and invites guest DJs to join the fun!  This week DJ Jake Fusselll joins in for another great night of 60s and 70s Country mixed with classic Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, R&B and Rock obscurities thrown in for good measure.  Typically, we host Brian and his guest DJs on every second Thursday, but due to the various holidays and college basketball games, we occasionally switch to third Thursdays.  Stay tuned!




Come on down and get your groove on and watch vintage videos on the big screen!  Thursdays are for the real professionals.





$Free - please tip your DJs and bartenders generously!



Friday March 10th - Better Off Dead Greatful Dead Tribute

If you ever experienced The Grateful Dead performing live, or you regretted missing the opportunity, you will certainly appreciate tonight's intimate performance at The Kraken by Better Off Dead.

Seeing bands perform live is so crucial to understanding their music and philosophy.  It's also a great way to re-live the greats from over the years when it is skillfully interpreted by other fine musicians.  We're starting up around 8pm to get a full couple sets tonight, so show up early to work the lot.





Better Off Dead

Like many other dedicated fans who followed the Grateful Dead over the years, Better Off Dead was drawn by an inherent love of the music, spirit and collective philosophy that persisted from the 60s through the 90s.

The best bands who recreate this fine community collection of music perform spontaneously and improvise, and you can expect that tonight.

Better Off Dead started up in 2008 and have switched their lineup a bit in the spirit of improvisation, but still persist as they have no choice but celebrate the music of many generations.

Whitney Pearsall, lead vocalist, is one of the original members of the band. Music has been a huge part of her life. She was an entertainer at a very early age. She has been the featured vocalist in bands in Maryland and North Carolina.

Rich Saltz on guitar, is also one of the original members of the band. He draws on his love of the music of the Grateful Dead, having seen over 150 shows. Jerry Garcia's influence is easily evidenced in his playing style.

Chris O'Hara plays bass and lends his unique vocal talents to the mix. His high level enthusiasm come through his playing and his stage presence. He has been involved with many projects in the area and is currently also in the Pink Floyd Tribute band, Breathe.

Brant Kay plays keyboards and shares lead vocals. He is also an accomplished guitar player. He has played in bands in Virginia, California, New Mexico, and North Carolina. He grew up with the music of the Grateful Dead in his family and it continues to be a vital part of his being.

Jonas McAlarney is the band's resident "Bobby" His understanding of rhythms and counter rhythms is evident in his playing and adds color and texture to the mix. He previously played in They Are Only Mostly Dead based in Wilmington

Adam Rockwell holds the bottom together for the band. No reason to have two drummers when you have one octopus. Adam has been involved in many projects and was previously in one of our favorite band, Wide Eyed Mischief

Chrystal Dail Leonard adds to the bands vocal mix. Her love for the music shines through her singing. She previously played with another local Dead tribute band, Terrapin Junction

The band's goal is not to present note by note recreations of what the Grateful Dead produced but to pay homage to the music that has affected us deeply.


Brant Kay - Keys and Vocals

Jonas Mcalarney - Guitar

Sean Geist - Bass

Whitney Pearsall - Vocals and Spinning

Lars Hartmann- Drums

Rich Saltz - Guitar and vocals




Live 2016  Estimated > Eyes > Other One > He's Gone:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyIbSX3DoG4

Live 2014  Scarlet > Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXZbgQFwgN4

Live 2012  UJB:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_whc__wSERY




$Free - Peace be with you and please give generously to the band and the bartender



Saturday March 11th - Zuzu Welsh Band with The Glenn Jones Band

Saturday's rockin' at The Kraken with old-school local musician, Zuzu Welsh, and his current Asheville gang of good friends. They bring a tight mix of blues, rock and americana.  We're super psyched to have Glenn Jones and his local crew of superstars open up.  Wow, what a night!



The Zuzu Welsh Band

The Zuzu Welsh Band brings tight rock, blues and americana to the stage with top-notch musicianship, well-crafted originals and a collection of cover tunes you are sure to enjoy. They've been playing relentlessly supporting last November's release, "The Road Less Traveled". Based in Weaverville/Asheville, NC, the musicians in the band have a combined sixty-plus years performing for audiences of all sizes.

Zuzu Welsh has been playing guitar since the 1970s, performing in a variety of bands doing everything from traditional mountain music to hard-edged rock and roll, with artists as diverse as Dulcimer Dan, Harlequin Jones, Avatar, The Edible Wild, Coyote, Reality In Exile, Jigawatt, SouledOut, Southern Express, Saturday In The Park, The Zoodles, Pipapelli and now with his own band. The bands Harlequin Jones and Avatar were fun bands playing the Chapel Hill scene in the late '80s and early '90s when Zuzu was known as Bob. He also has guested with the likes of Chuck Berry, BB King, BJ Leiderman and Jeff Thompson. Most of the original material the band does was written by Zuzu, and comes from the most recent release, The Road Less Traveled, as well as from earlier projects.

Johnny Haisman plays bass and comes from a background in hardcore metal music and confesses to an unusual fascination with aliens. Abbot Grivitch plays guitar bringing a country flavor to our music. He also plays keyboards, world-class cowbell, and lends his vocals to several songs, both on lead and harmony. Dana Koone is a former Marine who knows how to handle the traditional drum kit as well as cajon and djembe. Bobby Hicks delivers powerful vocals and contributes on acoustic guitar and hand percussion. When possible, Jen Wo rounds out the group with her passionate vocals.








The Glenn Jones Band

Great songs from the heart, delivered with passion.  If you've seen more than a few shows here, you've likely been impressed by Glenn's performances already with our great community of local musicians.

Glenn Jones is a talented songwriter/singer/musician/performer with decades of great performing experiences. After 15 years of exile in the northeast wilderness, he's now back home in his beloved Chapel Hill, NC, writing, singing, collaborating, and currently (June 2016) in the process of recording anticipated CD #2, "The Drunkard's Suite".

Glenn's music is hard to classify, but is genuine and gripping. Heartfelt alt-country, with bluesy elements abounding, but the old rock and roller keeps struggling to get out, and often succeeds. Songs about love gained, drinking, love lost, and...drinking. Sets are rollicking, often with lots of audience sing-along.

In addition to regular solo acoustic original performances, Glenn is a talented electric and upright bassist. Currently doing duty with 8 Track Minds, and with the Well Respected Men (all-star lineup includes former Dbs ace Peter Holsapple, former Sex Police drummer Jody Maxwell, Americana hero Jeff Hart, and Sad Magazine guitarist Andrew Snee). Glenn also fills in for various central NC bands, and guesting at special White Cross performances

Basically, he just loves to sing and play. Four chords and the truth, y'all.  Also, he always gets awesome local superstars to join in...  Stay tuned!








$Free - please tip bands and bartenders generously!



Friday March 17th - Mebaneville with Blue 52 St. Patrick's Day Dance Party

details coming soon!

Saturday March 18th - Canteen with Radar's Clowns of Sedation

details coming soon!

Friday March 24th - Mel Melton and The Wicked Mojos

details coming soon!

Saturday March 25th - Dexter Romweber, Rodney Henry and Western Star

Details coming soon!

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Come on out for good times!


Kraken Early 2017 Update


We're celebrating 44 years of this amazing rocking roadhouse and we have wonderful ideas and events to share!

We continue to honor your suggestions regarding our liquor and beer selections, since we always keep it close and in the family.


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